Why Should I attend a Paint Party workshop?

-Paint Party is ARTIST RUN! We bring the know-how that other studios lack!

-Paint Party is dedicated to creating paintings and projects that are on-trend, do-able and beautiful!

-We provide higher quality paints and brushes for our students than the industry standard, resulting in a better end result every time.

- We are NOT A FRANCHISE! We are not affiliated with any painting party franchise. Paint Party San Luis Obispo is a local, artist owned, central coast based, small family business!

 -Unlike many studios, students are led step by step through a featured painting or project, resulting in a finished piece every time.

-No prior art experience is required!

-Students will never be graded or judged!

-Students find themselves surpassing their expectations because workshops are so clearly guided.

-Students learn valuable painting techniques such as blending, composition, and color mixing at every single class.

-Unlike traditional art class settings, students don’t have to sign on to a huge time commitment, take as many classes as you like or just one!

How do I attend a Paint Party San Luis Obispo workshop?

1) Scheduled Workshops: Paint Party San Luis Obispo County workshops are offered at tasting rooms, restaurants, community centers and more! Click on the Upcoming Events page to view upcoming classes. Most events facilitate a very limited number of "walk-ins" so reservations are strongly recommended. To make reservations contact cassandrafrey805@gmail.com, call (805) 952-5086 or contact the venue where the class will be hosted. 

2) You can also host your own Paint Party! We bring all of the supplies and expertise, you provide the locale! Suitable venue required. Email cassandrafrey805@gmail.com or call (805) 952-5086  to book your event today!

Is your acrylic paint non-toxic?

Yes. Acrylic paint is non-toxic, although paints should never be consumed.

Is your Enamel paint non-toxic?

Enamels are similar to acrylic paints when wet, and require baking to make them waterproof, non-leaching and dishwasher safe. 

Will my painting be dry enough to take home by the end of the workshop?

Yes! Acrylic paint, when used as instructed, dries in about 10-15 minutes. 

Do you have to be 21 to attend a workshop?

Sometimes. Classes that include alcohol can require attendees to be 21, while others are suitable for children as young as 6. Please check the event specifics to find out more about the age limits of each event.

Will the paint come out of my clothes?

Dress for an art class! Acrylic and enamel paints dry to a plastic-like consistency, and are easier to remove from clothing when wet. Aprons are provided, however, sometimes accidents happen! Paint Party will not take responsibility for paint damaged items.

What materials are included?

Paint Party San Luis Obispo painting workshops include a gallery quality boxed canvas (unless otherwise noted) Use of paints, use of brushes, use of aprons, use of water cups and paper towels, and disposable palettes. Craft classes vary based on the project.

If I don’t like my project, will you fix it?

We will never paint on your painting. Students will create their project 100% themselves. Most “mistakes” are easily fixable and we will show you how to adjust it. We will guide you on how to create your best work.


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